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US and S. Korean Regime Termed Chieftains of Aggression and Provocation

An article posted recently on the US website Reddit held that the international community's comment on the joint military drills of the US and south Korea is changing.
The article recalled Major General Gerbeer, head of the Swiss delegation to the former "Neutral Nations Supervisory Committee," claimed at a press conference on June 8 that it is hard to draw a conclusion that the US-south Korea joint military drills are "defensive ones."
Noting the DPRK has also branded the war rehearsal as a root cause of escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula, he added that even experts of south Korea are regarding the joint drills as the drills which include "a direct strike at the leadership of North Korea" from a new viewpoint.
This tells that the world public's opinion on the joint military rehearsals being staged under the veil of "defensive and annual ones" is being focused on their aggressive nature.
With no far-fetched assertion can the US and the south Korean puppet forces conceal the aggressive and provocative nature of their nuclear war drills.
Their joint war rehearsals are not for "defence" to cope with the "threat from the north" but for a war of aggression to stifle the DPRK by force of arms.
This is well illustrated by the facts that they are staged under the war scenario simulating a preemptive strike at the DPRK and they are going far beyond "the defensive" purpose in terms of their scope including formation and number of troops involved.
The US imperialists and the south Korean puppet forces staged for more than 50 days from March 7 mad-cap Key Resolve and Foal Eagle 16 joint military drills with various type nuclear war means including huge troops, Stennis nuclear aircraft carrier task force, landing craft, B-52 and B-2 nuclear strategic bombers, F-22A stealth fighters, etc. involved, pursuant to their risky nuclear war plan OPLAN 5015.
The plan includes a "beheading operation" aimed at eliminating the supreme leadership of the DPRK and "bringing down its social system" and the one for "occupying the whole of the DPRK.
Recently, the US latest nuclear sub Mississippi entered a south Korean port and a formation of B-52H strategic bombers under the US Eighth Air Force flew into the sky above south Korea to frantically stage a nuclear bomb dropping drill in a bid to challenge the positive efforts of the DPRK for guaranteeing peace and security on the Korean peninsula.
All facts clearly prove once again that the war rehearsals are provocative acts of aggression to stifle the DPRK.
Nevertheless, the US and the south Korean puppet regime are justifying the drills as "peaceful ones" and groundlessly terming the just countermeasures taken by the DPRK "provocation" and "threat."
This is no more than a clumsy excuse to cover up their true colors as the chieftain of aggression and provocation.
The hostile forces are sadly mistaken.
With no rhetoric can they justify the hideous crimes they committed to blatantly challenge the desire of humankind for peace and security.
The US and its followers are bound to meet severe punishment by history for their outrageous military moves to stifle the DPRK.