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FM Spokesman Slams US for Its Moves to Create Atmosphere of Putting Pressure on DPRK

A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry made public the following statement on June 29:
The US persists in its hostile acts to create the atmosphere of putting pressure on the DPRK over its step for bolstering defence capabilities for self-defence.
It is pulling up the DPRK over its test-fire of surface-to-surface medium long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hawsong-10, terming it a "provocation", "threat" and "violation." But it is the US which is perpetrating provocations and posing threat to the DPRK in wanton violation of international law.
Its introduction of many strategic assets including nuclear-powered submarine Mississippi and B-52H strategic bombers into south Korea and its vicinity is the provocation and the ceaseless nuclear war drills staged by it for attacking the DPRK, trumpeting about "beheading operation" targeting its headquarters and "operation for occupying Pyongyang", are threats to it.
As the DPRK has already clarified in its letter to the UN secretary general, where is international law which says nuclear tests and ballistic rocket launches are threats to global peace and security?
It is quite natural and just self-defensive measure for the DPRK to take a series of steps for bolstering nuclear deterrence to cope with the US constant nuclear threat and ceaseless provocations to the former which are a wanton violation of the UN Charter and international laws.
For this reason, the White House and State and Defence departments have made much fuss but failed to evoke international response and is cold-shouldered.
Much upset by this, the US is prodding its satellite countries into staging an international campaign of expressing "concern" over the DPRK's test-fire of the surface-to-surface medium long-range strategic ballistic rocket.
It is deplorable to see some weak-willed countries shamelessly behaving without any principle, taken in by the above-said campaign, and staging the farce of "expressing their stands."
This is a behaviour contrary to the position of a sovereign state and action nothing helpful to the peace and security on the Korean peninsula.
The DPRK will closely watch the pitiful behaviour of these countries and the US and its followers will be held wholly accountable for the ensuing catastrophic consequences.
It is preposterous for the US to give lip-service to dialogue while persistently pursuing an international campaign to isolate and stifle the DPRK.
The US hostile policy towards the DPRK can never go with any kind of dialogue. This is the stand of the DPRK.
The DPRK will continue taking a series of steps for bolstering up the nuclear deterrent for self-defence both in quality and quantity to cope with the ever-escalating US hostile acts against the former.