A Truly Independent Powerful Country, a State of Justice

In his policy speech at the Seventh Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea held on September 8, 2022, Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of the DPRK, said that the DPRK is a truly independent powerful country and a state of justice. 


Independent Powerful Country 

In a bid to realize its ambition to secure hegemony and build a unipolar world, the United States is trying to bring all the countries under its control while measuring the politics, the economy and culture of the world with the American democracy as the yardstick. And it is imposing military pressure and destructive sanctions and blockade upon the countries that refuse to toe its line. 

Owing to the interference of the imperialists a series of disastrous events took place in quite a few countries which had followed the road of development of their own style; their political systems collapsed, civil wars broke out and refugee crises occurred. As the developments show, it is difficult in this world to defend the dignity of one’s state and the destiny of one’s people, and choose and maintain one’s own course of development. 

In this context, the DPRK can be said to be a truly independent powerful country. What made this country an independent powerful country, then? 

Today the country is unswervingly advancing along the road it chose while maintaining the principle of independence in politics, self-sufficiency in the economy and self-reliance in national defence. The US has resorted to every manner of heinous schemes for several decades in an attempt to check the advance of the DPRK. 

It is well known how tenacious the US was in its attempt to isolate and stifle the DPRK over the last ten-odd years as the latter was further strengthening its defence capabilities to safeguard its dignity and lasting happiness of its people. By egging its vassal states on, it imposed barbarous sanctions and blockade upon the DPRK and had recourse to sanctions several times in one year alone. It also gravely threatened the security of the country by enlisting huge military forces including nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. 

However, no threat and blackmail could intimidate the country into abandoning the road of independence Kim Jong Un and the Korean people had chosen. Displaying a self-sacrificing spirit, Kim Jong Un stood in the vanguard of the struggle of the Korean people to defend the country’s sovereignty and dignity. Even though it meant their children had to tighten their belts and suffer more from hunger and every family had to face appalling hardships in their life, the Korean people wholeheartedly supported the cause of the WPK and remained faithful to it, braving all trials and difficulties. 

The unshakable faith and will of the leader to defend the country’s destiny and sovereignty by relying on such faithful people was combined with the strong desire of the people to live as a proud independent people not as a slave nation even though they are not leading a luxurious life at present. This formed a single-hearted unity and produced inexhaustible strength. And this strength has built the country into an independent powerful country which no one can belittle and threaten. 


State of Justice 

In his policy speech Kim Jong Un declared that the world will clearly realize once again what a truly independent powerful country is and a state of justice in modern days, when pursuit of hegemony is more rampant, and how mighty is the unquenchable spirit of the DPRK dealing squarely with the United States, the empire of evil. 

Injustice openly rampages due to the forces that pursue hegemony—this is the world of today. Applying double standards has become a common phenomenon, which finds an explicit expression in the US’s acts to pick a quarrel with the DPRK’s righteous measures to strengthen its defence capabilities to safeguard its sovereignty and its people’s safety. 

Even under the pressure of the US and its vassal countries, the DPRK has showed, through practice, what genuine international justice is. 

Kim Jong Un put forward a new line to guarantee eternal security of the country and nation and create stable peaceful environment in the Korean peninsula and the region and has wisely led the struggle to this end. The firm determination and seasoned leadership of the WPK and the fortitude and patriotism of the Korean people have served as a source of strength with which they could overcome all sorts of difficulties and raise the glory and dignified prestige of the state onto the highest level. The unfair standards and sanctions and blockade, which the US and its vassal forces used as their tools in their attempt to secure hegemony, failed to obstruct the road ahead of the DPRK and were smashed to pieces by its dynamic advance. 

Through its practical moves the DPRK provided international justice and standard that any endeavour of a sovereign state to strengthen its defence capabilities becomes its right which no one can interfere with. 

Today the DPRK is further expanding the relations of friendly cooperation with its neighbouring countries while developing external relations and cooperating with all the countries and nations which oppose aggression, interference, oppression and subjugation of the imperialists and aspire to independence and justice, irrespective of difference in ideology and system. It is striving to develop diversified exchange and cooperation also with the capitalist countries which respect the DPRK and take a friendly approach to it. 

The policy speech analysed that the present international situation shows that the contradictions between justice and injustice and between the progressive and the reactionary, especially the power structure surrounding the Korean peninsula, have become obvious and the change from a unipolar world advocated by the US into a multipolar world is being accelerated significantly. The DPRK, a state of justice, is positively developing the external relations in keeping with the developing trend of the current international situation and as befits its status as an independent powerful state.